Benefits of Windshield Tint

Benefits of Windshield Tint

Getting your windshield tinted is becoming extremely popular in the warmer climate states! We recommend keeping this window light with our ceramic 70% or 50% window film. Getting your windshield tinted any darker than those percentages can be very dangerous and can block your vision especially at night! But our windshield tint can be extremely beneficial! Our ceramic windshield film rejects anywhere from 11%-94% glare coming at you like the sun or oncoming headlights from other vehicles on the road. Know About Benefits of Windshield Tint.

Did you know that getting your windshield tinted can help with your fuel economy level? How do you ask? The front windshield is the biggest window on most cars and that specific piece of glass is left clear most of the time which is not protected by our ceramic film. Meaning 100% of the heat and UV rays from the sun are beaming into your car through that large window! If you notice, the A/C system is located in the front dash of the vehicle. How can any A/C system ever compete with the sun?!

Your vehicles A/C will constantly be running to cool down your car and keep it cool. But it cannot keep up with the sun. This is incredibly harmful to the car’s fuel economy levels, meaning you’re spending a lot more on your gas bill overtime. So do yourself a favor and invest in getting your windshield tinted with us!

Windshield tinting can be very tricky and it takes a skilled installer to be able to perform this task correctly. Windshield’s should always be prepped before tinting. Here’s what needs to be done before tinting:

  • Install dash rope into the front seal where the dash meets the bottom of the glass. This is to ensure no water drips into the dash.
  •  Drape a large dash mat over the front dashboard to ensure no water can damage any technology in the dash.
  • Remove any visible suction cups and stickers off of the windshield glass.
  • Using only stainless steel blades you will need to clean the front windshield by spraying your solution and then scraping the front windshield to clean.
  • It is important to do this in a timely manner because the longer you take the more likely dirt will arise.

If your window tint installer is not performing these steps then there is a good chance your windshield tint will not come out clean and correct.

Make sure you do your research on your window film and who’s installing it. There are many different tint shops in Orlando Florida but not every one of them tint windows properly.

We see some pretty awful tint jobs done to front windshields especially. It’s important to not choose your window tint company based on how cheap they are but how well they’re rated and recommended. With Xcel Tint you will have the peace of mind knowing you chose the right company.

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