Carbon? Ceramic? What’s the Difference?

Carbon Window Film:

Carbon is a non-reflective and non-metal film with a cool sleek black look that gives the overall
look of your ride a nice luxurious look. While ceramic film does its job with significant heat
rejection, carbon has its fair share of heat rejection as well.
Carbon film will stand the test of time while its color will not change from that rich black look
and will hold up through the years. 99% of UV rays are blocked when choosing our carbon film.
Factory lifetime warranty along with all our other films. Step up your style with nano-hybrid
carbon tint technology!

Ceramic Window Film:

Ceramic tint Is a non-metal technology that blocks a substantial amount of heat and is designed
for better comfort and style! This film is non-reflective, meaning it does not give off any type of
mirror look. The charcoal grey look gives this film an attractive appearance and does not change
in color overtime.
Ceramic film blocks 99% of harmful skin cancer causing Ultraviolet Rays. That alone is worth the
investment in our ceramic film! With this film being metal-free, it will NOT interfere with cell
phones, GPS, Satellite radio, or any other electronic devices when driving around in your car. And
of course our ceramic film is backed by factory lifetime warranty!

Dyed Window Film:

This is the lowest quality film. And does not last long. It is also the cheapest film to purchase.
Dyed window film is the old style of tint that really is not the best option for longevity and heat
rejection. Some window tint companies may offer this film as a cheaper option to their
customers. But when buying this type of window film, don’t be surprised when you start to see
color change, bubbling or peeling sooner than later. These dyed films don’t last long and are not
the smartest option.

Also, when purchasing this type of film, lifetime warranty is not always offered. Usually a lot of
companies don’t want to deal with replacing these films so they just simply don’t offer the
At Xcel Tint, we offer only the highest quality films to our customers. Dyed films are a thing of the
past and we intend to keep them there.
Window film companies are constantly changing and finding new ways to enhance the quality of
film. The window film technology is constantly advancing. We offer Eastman products only!
We’ve used this company for years and they will be our trusted company for years to come.
Why? Because their warranty information is straightforward and easy to work with. They always
offer the highest and best quality film choices not only for the automotive industry but the
Residential and Commercial industries as well.
So, no matter what film or company you choose, we respect your decision. We would like to
inform all potential customers with every film option in our industry.

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