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Commercial & Residential

Commercial & Residential Tint

We offer an entirely different film for your home or place of business (Commercial & Residential Tint)! The sun can beat up the interior of your home just as much as your car. The sun can fade just about anything, including your carpet or furniture.

Much like our ceramic film, we have residential film that can block heat to decrease your A/C bill in your home or office! And everyone knows the spike in our electric bills in the extreme summer months!

Our films will help prevent that from happening! We offer various types of films to fulfill every customer’s needs or wants. We offer solar films like Reflective, which helps protect against sun damage. It has a reflective outside look with a nice clear interior look. This film’s dry time is usually quick.

Next we have Dual-Reflective film which is similar to the reflective with the reflective outside look and a crisp clear inside look. The difference in the film is the soft tone it gives to light. This film is highly popular with our customers.

Bronze film is a sputtered film tech that offers similar solar benefits as the others. Last for the solar films is the Mirror film. This film is mirrored on both sides and has a very powerful reflection. The mirror film is also corrosion resistant as well.

We want our customers to feel safe in their homes. Which is why we offer Security Film! The purpose of this film is to protect you from break-ins and harmful shatters that can occur without this film. These films are micro-thin yet surprisingly durable! These safety and security benefits are unmatched! On top of our security film we offer anti-graffiti film which helps to protect the beautiful exterior of your home from vandalism. These films are backed by manufacturers’ limited warranty. We would never want you to result in putting hideous bars on your home windows. Our various styles of security films prevents that from happening!

We have various specialty films for you to choose from. We offer semi-private to fully private choices like blackout, mirror, whiteout, or even a crystal look. We can customize any of these films to fit your needs in your home. Do you have a home theater room with big clear windows? Blackout will do the trick! How about big clear glass shower walls that you would definitely need some privacy on? We recommend crystal is the way to go! We have all the films to satisfy your in home or office needs! And of course these firms are backed by manufacturers with limited warranty! Let’s upgrade your home or business together!

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Xcel Windows Tinting Works
Xcel Windows Tinting Works
Xcel Windows Tinting Works
Xcel Windows Tinting Works
Xcel Windows Tinting Works
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Commercial Residential Window Tinting
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Commercial & Residential Tint
Commercial & Residential Tint
Commercial & Residential Tint
Commercial & Residential Tint
Commercial & Residential Tint
Commercial & Residential Tint
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