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Services: Automotive, Commercial, Residential & Marine Window Tinting

XCEL TINT: Automotive Tinting Excellence


Step up your style with XCEL TINT's variety of different automotive tint options to please all of our customers needs! All automotive films are backed by Factory Lifetime Warranty!

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XCEL TINT: Commercial/Residential Tint


We offer an entirely different film for your home or place of business! The sun can beat up the interior of your home just as much as your car. The sun can fade just about anything, including your carpet or furniture.

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XCEL TINT: Marine Tinting 

Marine Tinting

It’s time to relax on your boat or yacht without being blinded by the high level glare of the open water. With our marine film we have just what you need!

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Call or Text to speak with our Services Advisors. They will Explain our plans and prices to you. Then they will proceed to schedule a date and time that works best for you!


When coming in, one of our installers will go over the film choices and products that best suit you. Then we guide you to our relaxing waiting room where you can enjoy complimentary WiFi, snacks and TV.

Project Completed

Our advisors will go over your finished product and hand you our Care Instructions with a business card attached. We will go over what to expect and the Lifetime Warranty. Our advisor will then answer any further questions or concerns you may have. Then you’re all set! Enjoy your vehicles new look!

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