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Depending on the film, window tint takes approximately 1-2 weeks to completely dry.

We ​DO NOT​ recommend cleaning the inside of your windows for at least 3 days after tinting service is completed the reason being that the film needs time to settle. After 3 days have passed you can clean your windows with vinegar or alcohol based products. Absolutely NO cleaners with ammonia. Ammonia will eat a layer of the tint instantly.

YES! We offer factory Lifetime Warranty with all automotive films! And a factory 15 year warranty with residential or commercial film.

NO! Whenever you see purple film, it’s because it’s a cheap dyed film. We DO NOT use that type of film. Xcel Tint only uses high quality window film like, Carbon or Ceramic films.

YES! Our films cover 99% of harmful skin cancer causing Ultraviolet Rays.

Yes! With glare rejection up to 95%.

YES! We recommend tinting the front windshield in our ceramic film so that you have your dashboard protected from fading over time.

An appointment is not required but we recommend scheduling an appointment to allow us to have the required time to complete the job. Depending on how big the job is, it can take anywhere from 30min-2hours to tint a vehicle. Residential or commercial may take longer and would require a consultation of service.

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