Residential Tinting And It’s Benefits

Residential window tinting is becoming a very company thing to do to your home for most homeowners in Central Florida. There’s a vast majority of people that stand by tinting their home windows right when they move into their home. Once you know the benefits you will understand why.

States like Florida, Texas and California have very high heat index for most of the year. Much like your vehicle, houses have their very own central air conditioning. With the heat and harmful UV Rays that come into your home, it makes it very hard for your AC to compete with cooling down. Meaning that the AC never gets to rest and is constantly running to cool down the interior of your home. This means your electric bill will be high and near summer time your AC repair bills will begin to skyrocket. When getting your home windows tinted you will be rejecting 99% of harmful UV Rays and depending on what film you go with, you will receive high infrared heat rejection as well. Meaning your house stays cooler and your AC bil stays lower. 

The sun UV Rays can be very harmful to you but also the interior of your home. When the sun beams through your windows, it will damage and discolor anything the light touches. Your wood floors, curtains, couch, lamps and carpets all will be sun bleached. With getting your home windows tinted you will be protected and covered from any sun exposure damaging your property. 

In the State of Florida almost every year we have high winds and sometimes hurricanes. Even in other states some people deal with break-ins and theft. With our safety and security film you can rest easy knowing that your home is covered from debris or theft. 

Some bedrooms get too much light exposure than others. Some two story homes have hot areas upstairs. With our Ceramic films we will take care of hotspots or bright light waking you up in the early morning. 

All Residential Films are backed by Factory 15-Year Warranty!

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